Smart groups are not fixed. Instead, they are generated as required, based on a query of your membership data and player frequency. You can create a smart group based on these criteria:

Played more than / played less than

Find out who has played more than or less than a certain number of times between two dates. This group is useful for identifying who are your most frequent players, or who hasn't been to the club for a while. Perhaps you might want to send out a thank you note to your most loyal members, or a special offer to people who appear to have stopped attending.

Ranking greater than / less than

Target emails based on EBU ranking. Pianola updates the rankings of your players each night. Using this smart group, you could email everybody above or below a certain ranking to tell them about events that are relevant to them.

All current members

This targets all people listed as a current member (ie not lapsed, resigned, passed away or visitor).

Left club: lapsed / resigned / other

People who have been a member of your club in the past, but are not currently a member.


People who have played in your club as a visitor, but never been a member.

Did attend a regular session

This smart group will identify all the people who played in one of your regular sessions between two dates. This group is useful to send relevant emails to people who, for example, attended your beginners class to tell them about your improvers course.

Stopped attending a regular session

You can use this group to identify people who have stopped coming to a regular session that they used to attend regularly. Choose the session, and the minimum number of times they must have attended between two dates. The query then looks for any people who match those criteria, but haven't been since.